Poem: My Lady, Of The Night - A tale of Vampires and Longing.....

Nosferatu hunts,

With a friendly face.

A demon draped

in linen and lace.

Her devil disguise.

Eyes midnight-lashed.

Behind which

Sordid Secrets Cached.

She drew me in,

With a sweetened smile,

Unsure, at first,

Not yet beguiled.

She took my hand,

Her touch was cold,

I'd never met,

One as she, so bold.

"Oh Sir, " she said,

"How warm thou art,

Quick hold me close,

so I can feel your heart!"

And there I stood,

in her dark embrace,

where now the shadows hid,

her reformed face.

"Oh Sir," she said,

"How thou heart does rush.

It need not race,

Come now hush, hush.

For true, I do

sense there your fright,

There's nought to fear,

From this dark night"

And with that the devil,

Stole her first bite.

My thoughts were fogged,

My wits coralled,

Quite lost myself,

My mind enthralled.

She licked her lips,

When she was done,

And without one word,

Dark demon, she was gone.

Most nights I stroll,

Through Shadows and Shades,

Seeking her dark kiss once again,

But alas,

She always evades.

Written by Lee Douglas, January 2012.

Copyright, All Rights Reserved.

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raciniwa profile image

raciniwa 4 years ago from Naga City, Cebu

what a beautiful way of describing the vampires first bite...

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