Poem: Not So Love Poem; Being Free

There was a moment I had envy

          it quickly took over

without being aware, I was blinded

           by my own naivety

I thought you loved me

                  and you might have,


                                 for a brief moment.


There was a shift

you chose your passion over ours

you had the guts to get on the plane

                 fly away, far away

                      from all of it

I envied you.


Our love still connected but the fibers brittle,

snapping, whipping apart,

                   too fast to hold on,

                               and I didn’t have it in me

to continue. Either did you.


Then I met me and she smiled

                    knowing we had a moment and it was ours

                                   all ours.

Now moving on with passion,

                          the envy is gone,

only inspiration fills me,

                            now I too soar with freedom.

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