The Rose and The Thorn

beauty and pain~

Roses are formed one leaf at a time, a stem, a petal, a thorn;

While on them the rain falls, the sun shines, all the day long.

A timely Sprig, a green shoot at first, then comes the sprouting of the rose-bud:

Why the thorn? Why the thistle? A parallel of life,

That pain creates the value of the beauty we possess..

As life flows through its central veins, the leaves uncurl, the rosebud unfolds,

The flower is made, revealing a beautiful image sublime:

Now even the rough thorns come into focus, making majestic beautiful sense;

all is for a purpose, and the whole story is told.

As the glory of the flower, our lives are the same, the beauty of the rosebud,

erasing the pains with the thorns; enduring life’s winds and hurricanes,

letting the beauty of the rose play in our heart a happy song..

Oscarlites -

Love is a Wonderful Thing...

A wonderful thing will happen when you discover in your heart that you love someone or they discover they love you, Love creates synergy; it produces a desire and it charts a path. Believe it can happen even when others demand our attention. I'm not saying its always perfect but true love can conquer all, and lead you towards each other. How strong is your love for that someone? Have you voiced it to them? Yes, there is lifes business and its distractions. Learn to distinquish between quest for acheivement, and loving someone. Its important to sit a few moments each day, sip on a cola or coffee or tea, and listen to your heart. Can you feel it beating? If you can, you're alive: One moment at a time, make those dreams come true!

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