Poem: Shady Lady

Written for my Wife after we spent an Anniversary at The Shady Lady in Julian, CA

Shady Lady

What dreams may come as she lay
A silhouette framed by dancing feathers
A gift of life, racy yet calm,
Such a sensuous breath of passion,

Closer I lean towards the surreal
An angel of pleasure is she
Is she mine?
This sweet Shady Lady

In slow motion she blinks
Unshielding eyes sparkling with firelight
Lines in pose squeeze my heart faster and faster
As it is my strength, her smile summons and ignites

Exchanging breaths
A rhythm tasted and passed anxiously between steamy lips
We pass the night united in ecstasy
A rebirth of love
A reunion of soul
A memory infused by two in the moonlight at
The shady Lady

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