Poem: Silver Gate

Silver Gate

A moment in breath,
Upwards through time
A look between silvery blinking stars,
Higher I sail
Away from the moonlit earth
Streaming faster through the blushed ora of mars,

Ascending faster through raining starlight
Flying closer and closer towards Jupiter’s pain
A wisdom seen as a heart free spirals from wounded memories
A cosmic ulcer that bleeds unmanaged, untamed

Still forward I go
On past Uranus
Skating gracefully around Saturn’s rings,
Into the night
Pluto in sight
Sailing quietly through moments of creation unseen

Here in this time I’ve seen
In time I’ve shared
A path to go I set, I wait,
As the light through this creased opening exists,
My chance enters the unseen,
The gateway of untouched tomorrow,
The sanctifying inner peace lying forth at the Silvergate

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