Poem: Stars

Stars are the eyes

Of ethereal skies

Forming endless constellations

Amidst Pegasus flies

Unbroken by the waters

And unfettered by the sun

Giving rise to speculation

In the lives of everyone

From every empty corner

And every sudden call

Stars have seen the who,

Why and wherefore of all

What stories they could tell

If only they would speak

From the greatest to the wild,

The weakest and the meek

Stars, they are endless

And are paternally engrained

From Van Gogh's Wheatfield on canvas,

To where life is least sustained

Unreachable and far

Is every wistful star

Childlike as; "Twinkle, twinkle little

Star how I wonder what you are"

Gleaming chandeliers above

The silent hills

They are the guiding lights

In seeking one's own will

Enchanting the skies

And dazzling the moons,

Stars out-number raindrops

In tropical monsoons

Starlight like shadow light

Sing soft and low

Guide children and lovers

And pertain all things to grow

© Niall Markey 2010

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santosh1946 profile image

santosh1946 6 years ago

The poem "Stars" makes it evident that niallmarkey is a born poet. This poem is the fruit of calm contemplation. The poet is able to create moonlight effects as the shining stars have always mystified some of the greatest poets. The first two lines with a subtle use of metaphor strike the keynote of the whole poem.

Santosh Kumar

niallmarkey profile image

niallmarkey 6 years ago from New York Author

Thank you very much Santosh! I'm so glad you enjoyed the poem. Please feel free to visit again and check out some of my other poems. Niall

d-b-ggaming profile image

d-b-ggaming 5 years ago from The land of the living

Thats pretty cool

niallmarkey profile image

niallmarkey 4 years ago from New York Author

Thank you, d-b-gaming.

lilyfly profile image

lilyfly 4 years ago from Wasilla, Alaska

Lots of great words... lily

niallmarkey profile image

niallmarkey 4 years ago from New York Author

Thank you, Lily.

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