Poem: Sweet Deliverance

Sweet Deliverance

Moon split haze hovers before eyes questioning
Searching for high relief
Searching for the North Star
Searching for the path toward redemption
Looking onward past infinity
Thru the veil of catastrophe hanging
Waiting to consume

Traversing paths unseen
Confident in the unknown
The doorway opens… inviting
A width for one in room

Traveling faster beneath the veil
Time falls before the advance
One, two feet through the doorway
The path toward second chance
As each breath is lost
Lost within the second
Lost within limitless circumstance
Lost within new winds of tomorrow
As this path lays clear as I stand ready
Ready perched in stance
Confident in resolve I
Confident in the first step onward I
Confident in the tautness of my tether as onward I step
Onward into the unknown path of sweet deliverance

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