Poem: Temptation


Blood crusted fingernails chase this itch unsatisfied
Digging deeper
Shedding righteousness
Replacing sensation with desperation
Overcome with burning hunger as I try
I try,
I try

With contemplative action do I lose life or gain vision
Do I sacrifice self
or risk perceived content?
Is it honesty?
What is honesty?
Has this honesty been eclipsed by fear?
Or in truth is it fear of cowardice that fuels indecision.

Exhausted and tired of rumination
This voice unreasoned will seemingly not cease,
Confused and tormented I look upward
Trying desperately to surrender my voice
My choice
For Your guidance
Your will
Your peace.

Still struggling to hold arms open
Living still in this deep dark place
Determined not to surrender
not to give up
not to remain in hell
but to move forward
Onward with His power
His forgiveness
His grace.

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Am I dead, yet? 7 years ago

what a challenge! Is there something deeper you are trying to free yourself from? This is heavy. To sin, is to be human. It would seem that religion, or having faith in a god brings about so much torment. I like the torment and pain in this one. Sweet.

magic8ball profile image

magic8ball 7 years ago from Beaverton, OR Author

Thank you for your feedback. I really appreciate it. Yeah.. we all tackle with temptation. There are times within marriage and life and everything else that there is the temptation to either have an affair, to break up with your wife/girlfriend, to have that extra beer when you know you are above the limit/etc.. and our challenge is to move onward and go with what is right per our personal beliefs. I am a Christian, so my beliefs are based around The Bible. Believe me it wasn't always this way. I have gone from full blown atheist to a generic spiritual person, to a Christian. I'm comfortable where I am based on all that I have learned. I am an EXTREMELY analytical person so I don't jump into ANYTHING unless I can make sense of it and come to a logical conclusion and understanding. Anyway, I could talk to you about this for hours. I enjoy theological conversations.

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