Poem: The Forest and The Flame

I was lost within the forest,

When the day drew to a close.

As the sun's last rays departed,

It was my heart that quickly froze.

A chill wind, chafed and chapped me,

My core was iced down to the bone.

My world became the arctic,

And I struggled on, alone.

In the distance I saw vaguely,

The flicker of a flame,

A seductive spark, so fleeting,

But I head towards it all the same.

A hidden glade, there I then entered,

Where a bonfire burned so bright.

Was this fire built just for me?

Somehow that seemed not right.

Closer I stepped towards it,

Cautious; searching for some trick.

All quiet was the glade that night,

As the flames there leapt and licked.

At it's base I sat myself,

Grateful for the rest,

I let her heat wash over me,

Whereupon my soul felt blessed.

My spirit soon was lifted,

My mind itself entranced,

The fire, she did call to me,

And together, there, we danced.

Closer now she bid me,

Til her flames entwined my feet.

And though my body quickly scalded,

I was blind to her deceit.

In a moment, struck by clarity,

Like lightning to the heart,

Pain, panged, unbearable,

And I knew that we must part.

The inferno rose behind me,

Spitting Sparks and Smoke,

But to the forest I returned that night,

Brushing ash from off my coat.

I saw then that the game it played.

All fires need their fuel.

Cold and alone though I may be,

I've never been a fool.

Again through the wood I travel,

With my head held ever high,

For though I'll miss that warmth eternally,

I won't regret our Goodbye.

Copyright Lee Douglas Jan 2011, All Rights Reserved.

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raciniwa profile image

raciniwa 4 years ago from Naga City, Cebu

though scalded and scorched yet, one kept on getting near the fire for it is enticingly beautiful,as blazing as this poem...

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