Poem: The Soulless Cry For Help

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I find many people who have Mental Illness are not taken seriously by society. They are often dismissed as crazy and they are stripped of their dignity and humanity. I recently witnessed a situation where a schizophrenic woman undergoing an inpatient stay at a mental hospital was mocked by staff members. The callous insensitivity was abhorrent and I later was inspired to write this.

The Soulless Cry For Help

The soulless cry for help,

Bitter venom spews from the dragon,

Extinguishing life and past optimism.

The soulless cry for help,

The justified dagger devalues and pierces,

Self worth seeps through blood soaked flesh,



As coldness breathed upon festers gangrene.

The soulless cry for help,

The noose of forgiveness tightens,

Limbs flail while darkness pours over bringing relief,

Hearing only the shrill sounds of mockery,

While her eulogy speaks one last apology.

The soulless seek,

Exasperated from drowning in the shrapnel of brokenness a line is cast,

Slowly reeled in by revelation,

Seeing a sunrise in the sunset,

A new perception brings tranquility,

As the opportunity presents,

Reincarnated she rises through and embraces with love,

Life and new understanding that she exists,

The soul.

© 2014 magic8ball

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crissalina 2 years ago

good choice of the picture and strong images. if the point of poetry is to deliver emotion, you manage doing that through your poem. it's... really very good.

magic8ball profile image

magic8ball 2 years ago from Beaverton, OR Author

Thank you so much for the kind words!

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