Poem. The heart is

A poem for falling in love

The heart is a Ruby.

The greedy chance for it, the gloomy.

A crystallized rock thing.

The body's natural eternal bling.

The heart is a flame.

Raw human emotion at its claim.

An impulse that flavors life.

By cooking a person's aura just right.

The heart is a red.

A prime color everyone has bled.

A fluid our hearts course.

A distilled wavelength that animates us by force.

The heart is a lump.

It's is an over blown pump.

Only when somebody special touches it.

Does the lump work and never again wants to quit.

A short paper explaining my poem!

So i wrote this poem in an effort to explain what I feel the heart is. In a way I accomplished this but in more of like a weird, drug induced sorta way ha! I don't take drugs mind you but my mind does wander and this is the fruit of that un-labor lol.

So this is how I feel when I'm in love with a girl. You can't see love, hold it and feel its weight, or capture it on a photograph. Its the same way with your own heart. You can but you'd die shortly after lol. I feel that my heart is those things I described. The heart is red which is my favorite color, precious like a jewel, and a strong force that keeps us alive, a natural force like fire!

The last part is a downer but I feel my work is a little on the blue, dark side. I like both happy and sad thoughts because you cant have one without the other. Like ying and yang and I don't deny the unsavory parts of life either. The truth is the feeling of you having a heart only really exists when your either in love or having a heart attack, either or and you will notice that its right dead center in your chest lol. When someone touches you and ignites the flame of love in your heart, the lump becomes something more!

So I am in love right now and I have dug this little gem out of my computer and posted it to share with anyone that cares to see. I hope I explained myself on why this was created and I hope I could share my thoughts and how my head works if only somewhat. People are complex creatures! I hope you enjoyed the poem and if you're in love at the time of reading all I can say its an awesome feeling we know of! If you haven't found love yet, there are 7 billion people in the world so the chances of you finding someone in the future are great! Better than the lottery anyways lol!

© 2014 Cesa Ruiz

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