Poem: Why I Married You


I wrote this for my lovely wife shortly after discovering she was pregnant with our daughter.

Why I Married You

The warm angel feathered quilt that wraps me as I lay
An illuminating smile that welcomes the dawning day
In your arms where I call home
Never to leave
Lost in time’s breath I stay.

It is you, so lovely and feminine
A rejuvenating soul, sparkling with a radiant smile
Holding you close, my feflection in your gentle eyes
Yearning to feel your breath against my cheek
In reflection I remain waiting
Waiting for that infinite warmth I so desire

Weeping inside as without your touch, naked I remain
Proudly staring at your picture
Remembering a sacred kiss
I’m enveloped by a soft “I Love You”
Unspoken, felt, yet conveyed.

Arms waiting for an evening embrace
A true homecoming wanted, needed, remaining in loom
Anticpiating pulling you into my heart
A kiss of love to greet
As I’m thankfully amazed at the blessing through us,
Growing inside your womb

As tomorrow new brings new challenges
A tsunami of chance to calm the still
Forever yours, unshakably yours, thankful to be yours
As all of me remains planted in time
Joyously content and fulfilled

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Comments 6 comments

tony-evoo-08@live 7 years ago

Loved that poem :)

would appreciate an opinion on mine :)


Pachuca213 7 years ago

how lovely!!!

marriedwoman profile image

marriedwoman 7 years ago

so sweet...wish my husband will write one for me...really nice.

magic8ball profile image

magic8ball 7 years ago from Beaverton, OR Author

Thanks so much for the comment marriedwoman!!

J. R. LaGreca profile image

J. R. LaGreca 2 years ago from New York, New York

This is very beautiful and touching, thanks!

magic8ball profile image

magic8ball 2 years ago from Beaverton, OR Author

Thank you very much. I appreciate the nice comment.

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