Poem - On a Snowflakes Backā€¦

on a snowflakes back

I dream alone

fated forever to fall

my inner core

melting in the warmth

of emotions

bringing death and ecstasy

the reflection in water

lost on the waves of wind

softly blowing

in the silence of dream

as on the snowflakes back

I crest and buck

in the shallow breeze

my tempest my hurricane

swirling and whirling

in the eye

the cold eye of blue

looking out on my passage

through the storm



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khanzada.wajahat profile image

khanzada.wajahat 6 years ago

hey its nice... u write it yourself?

Drax profile image

Drax 6 years ago from NYC.... Author

Hey khanzada wajahat... yeah it is one of mine... thanks :-)

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