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Left At The Alter
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When Love Fails

She was in the prime of her life

He was in his too

She knew what he wanted, and thought he did too

She spent one year trying to win his love and one year turned to two

Then she spent the next five years wondering, what to do

She lost her composure in the Eighth year, and by now it seemed like only yesterday

That she prayed he would come to his senses and see things her way

Then in the ninth and tenth year she realized he would probably, never commit

However, In the eleventh year she couldn't find the strength to quit

So, He dragged her through ten more years, by now she was forty-five

And she would breakdown now and then, realizing she was living a lie

By now she felt she had invested too much time, trying to win his love

And she could not surrender or ever think of giving up

So, Before she knew it her youth was gone and she was turning grey

Her fifties arrived and he finally went away

He took with him all of her dreams of marriage and raising a family

For she gave him all of her youth and vitality

She is elderly now and thinks about the love that escapes

And she wondered why, she wasted all of those years, waiting for him to love her back

Why didn't she give up, why didn't she make tracks

Instead the years just flew by, while she waited for him to come

And why it took her Thirty-Five years to realize he was not the one!

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HattieMattieMae profile image

HattieMattieMae 5 years ago from Limburg, Netherlands

yeah, that is hard, I was married and did that wasting my time on the wrong guy!

Honorablewoman profile image

Honorablewoman 5 years ago from Georgia Author

I wrote this about a friend that I watched giving up her youth for a man that never learned how to love her. We need to all learn that time is precious and should never be wasted on anything or anyone. Redeem the time.

Hyphenbird profile image

Hyphenbird 5 years ago from America-Broken But Still Beautiful

What a poignant poem!This causes me to remember an old song by Judy Rodman called She Thinks She'll Marry.

He keeps her in diamonds, he brightens her days

He flies her in style to the cities he plays

But she's not aware that in every town

Others warm to his favours when she's not around

He took her to Paris, he took her to Spain

He took her for granted, wouldn't give her his name

She lives all alone in a house on a hill

An' thinks that she'll marry, but she never will

He told her that someday, he'd make her his own

They'd take a vacation together in Rome

Then she spoke these words, though they tore her apart:

"I'm tired of you playing these games with my heart"

"Oh, I've given you the best years of my life

You've given nothin', but maybe some lies

I've lived all alone in a house on a hill

Thinkin' we'd marry, but we never will"

So time brought it's wisdom, now clearly she sees

She's learned to be happy an' she loves bein' free

That he longs to hold her an' make her his wife

'Cause there was no happiness left in his life

She lives all alone in a house on a hill

With good friends an' good times, her life is filled

In his lonely mansion, he longs for her still

An' he thinks that she'll marry, but she never will

No, she never will

Honorablewoman profile image

Honorablewoman 5 years ago from Georgia Author

Wow, Hypenbird, Thank You for sharing!

profile image

Sueswan 5 years ago

Very sad but better late than never.

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