Poem: Lost at Sea

Lost at Sea

Lost at sea I sail way,
to lose the grim I left at bay.

A darkness rolls in clouds above,
A sorrow song sings a loss of love.

The wind blows stronger with this rage,
Waves crashing down and frees from cage.

Swallowed in madness, I know no bounds,
I’m free from you all and all you clowns.

The farther I sail the calmer I feel,
The blessed solitude gives all the appeal.

The moon fallows closely as the stars blend at sea,
Looking deep in the ocean looking deed into me.

Feeling the water fill me deep within,
Loving the moment the moment I’m in.

Alas, I find myself at peace,
Embracing the journey leaving all to cease.

By Michelle N. Vos

lost at sea

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Little Kim profile image

Little Kim 5 years ago from Any town U.S.A.

Great poem and picture. Lends to how rough storms inside of us can be.

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