Poem - Jessy, Don't Cry

I wrote this poem few years ago, for the sister I never had.. or so I thought. Now I already have a little sister [even though her name is Celine, not Jessy :-)]. This poem is about the life lessons I learnt as a young girl, and how I will teach her the same so that she won't need to learn them the hard way.

Jessy don't cry

Love is hurt to make you stronger

But I'll keep you strong after you fall

Love is nothing but the feeling you'll forget

Jessy don't cry

Life is hard to make you understand

But I'll be watching you as you grow

Life is nothing but the dream we're living

Year will goes after it comes

Sun will sets after it rises

We won't stay here forever

But keep my promise my sister

No matter where you are

No matter how old we would be

I will protect you, to the utmost

I'll be watching you, near or far

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sexy megz 8 years ago

heyaaa i love your poem who do you make the poem

Eva Berlin profile image

Eva Berlin 8 years ago Author

thanks! yes, actually, I did! read my poems here: http://mysocalledpoems.blogspot.com

Ausseye 3 years ago

Hi Eva

The poem, the motive, the life you promise are fantastic

Celine is luck and she SEES her heritage LINE

Beautiful and strong full of humanity

Hope she knows how lucky she be

Life is impossible to understand but we grow

In spite of life, facing the sun and daring it to

Warm our heart

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