Poems Written in Fall

 Just some silliness I decided to post. You may remember Autumn Quatrain's companion piece, Autumn Haiku, from a previous hub. Thanks for visiting!

Late November

Perched, half hidden in a gap,

between the crown molding

and wall, a spider.

Out of place, out of season,

she tends the tiniest of webs,

waiting for vibrations.

The net is bare, save for dust

caught on its silvery strands.

There is no food.

Below, head on my pillow, lazy

I watch worriless, content in her

eventual starvation.


©2008 Jay Decker

1:00 am Roadhouse Masterpiece

“Toast” is all it said.

Heavy, lead pencil lines

in block letters.


Not a lewd come-on

with phone number

and artist’s rendering.


Not an expletive

or dirty limerick

bearing repeating.


On the peach-pink

 tile, above the urinal

a masterpiece.


“Toast” is all it said.

on the bathroom wall

author unknown.



©2007 Jay Decker

Autumn Quatrain

As cold crisp autumn air

refrigerates my beer

I mow my lousy lawn

for the last time this year.

                                                                                                                                                ©2010 Jay Decker

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arrowsparrow 6 years ago

"Not an expletive/ or dirty limerick/ bearing repeating."

Great stuff! I haven't read a verse so smooth in quite some time.

JayDeck profile image

JayDeck 6 years ago from New Jersey Author

Thank you for visiting and for your kind comment!


sligobay profile image

sligobay 6 years ago from east of the equator

Your observation, description and comment upon the grafitti is the masterstroke concluding in the dry wit of the anonymous "toastmaster's" yearning.

Your witty complacency toward Charlotte's web is delightful.

Such resignation and relief is expressed in your quatrain that one might mistake you for the season itself.

Your three conclusions have tickled my fancy. Cheers.

JayDeck profile image

JayDeck 6 years ago from New Jersey Author

Sligobay, I believe I may just make a hobby of reading your work here at HP!

Your comments on my hubs, and others', show you to be a selfless contributor to the Hubpages poet community. I thank you.


bayoulady profile image

bayoulady 6 years ago from Northern Louisiana,USA

HA! Amen to mowing the grass for the last time! That one says it!

JayDeck profile image

JayDeck 4 years ago from New Jersey Author

Thanks bayou! Sorry for the abominably late response.


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