Poems and Poetry: Blanket of Defeat

Blanket of Defeat

I felt as if a heavy blanket of defeat

Had been thrown over me

It weighed far too much for me

To simply throw it off

Cried oceans of tears

My only real companion was

My own shadow

Loneliness draped itself over

Me like a shroud

Feeling like a beautiful bird whose

Wings had been clipped

Making my heart heavy and

Even bright sunny days looked

Gloomy and dark but I did all

I could to drive away the blackbird of

Sorrow that had made a nest in my heart

I then traveled on a magic carpet of

Emotion that carried me up and away

From my worries and pains

I forgot the painful past and soared

Like the eagle, feeling obsessed and

Infatuated with the ability to throw off

The heavy blacket of defeat

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Senoritaa profile image

Senoritaa 5 years ago

Another great poem full of hope.

tonymodus profile image

tonymodus 5 years ago Author

Thank you.

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