Poems and Poetry: It Slammed Into Me Like Hurricane

I've Waited For you For Long

After what a loved one did to me

My emotion started to shut down

I erected walls around my heart

I thought were unsalable

I spent my every waking moment

Picking up the pieces of my life

I’d denied emotion for many years

But I almost hadn’t recognized it

When it had slammed into me

With the force of a hurricane

Love was rarely logical

Sometimes love was by choice

And the other times it wasn’t

Sometimes it fell on a man

Like a ton of bricks whether he

Wanted it or not.

Until now I’d been seeing everything

In black and white, and now there’s

Color all around; it seemed

I’d been waiting for you all my life.

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CrazyGata profile image

CrazyGata 5 years ago from Puerto Rico

Isn't it awesome to have a heart that is able to love?

Thank you for reminding me of that. Voted up and beautiful!

tonymodus profile image

tonymodus 5 years ago Author

That this poem reminds you of something which I believe is pleasant is rewarding. Thanks for your comment.

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