Poems and Poetry: You're Light

You're Like Streetlight

You’re like streetlight

Lighting up my life’s street

You’re a reward for a man

Who hasn’t earned rewards

Every cell in my body scream

For your touch

And when you did my excitement

Was palpable and rising like the

Mercury in a thermometer

And then, as if we were both

Participating in a telepathic

Exercise you took my hand

And led me away so that we

Could put off the fire

Burning inside us.

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CloudExplorer profile image

CloudExplorer 5 years ago from New York City

I definitely like this poem much better, because it appears to flow well with the overall style and fluidity of your scientific terms infused into a poetic form. I do the same a great deal with poetry fusing science & even technology into it all. Nice one!

Voted up for awesome, and beautiful, but you may need some imagery to rank it up a bit though, that hubscore number plays a huge role here, but I'm sure you already knew that part.

No imagery makes it appear dull in a way, and reduces its potential on the web as a whole as well as for hubpage ratings & rankings. Plus more people will comment if your poems are tied into an awesome image. Good luck as I said in the other hub & I wish you much success.

QUIZ2012 profile image

QUIZ2012 5 years ago

Very visual. Love it.

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