Poems by LLS - Seasonal Musings

Flags wave in the breeze, trees bend as the winds blow.

Yesterday, it was warm and sunny. Today, the rains fall.

Spring is so full of contradictions. Nothing stays the same.

One day the ground is bare and hard, the next its green and full.


Bikes careen down the hill as children laugh with glee.

Every day is a holiday for children out of school.

Summer is for vacations. Everyone joining in the fun.

Whether at the beach or just relaxing, going to the pool.


Leaves turn colors, and the trees take on such majesty. T

he long summer days are gone as the grey evening descends.

Fall shows up in glorious color then winds blow it away again.

Halloween and Thanksgiving bring festivities to attend.


White valleys, where lakes used to be, glitter in the sun.

Cut by a black figure that is now the leaveless tree.

Winter is cold and foreboding, as winds howl evermore.

Just around the corner, Spring once more is soon to be.


LLS (1994)

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