Poetic Cramps

Unlock my hands & fly free into the dunes, cocaine white rabbit sands,

Blown away by fans, let's feel it, wave feet to your hands,

Up & down,

From all around town,

Know bozo? Now your a clown,

Sad frowned,

Nose glows grows not red, but a little brown,

Crack smacks yur flap, ka-splat fat & round,

Huge mounds pound away the ground,

Yea the city is a jungle and I'm a beast, oh look what I found...

Ah goo-goo muk, ahh haha clock talks... Springs wound,

Hourglass drops, grains scrounge,

Now what's the plan, how you gonna manage,

To take advantage of this situation, am radio king crowned & the planet is...

The same as his, business dished...

1000+ channel's, surfer controls clicks,

Program's switched,

Lets go... You wicked witch,

Crash into the ditch,

Dirty .itch,

Broom lifts against the twigs,


Leaf to greet, nice to meat, want some... Kids...


Flick you in the prick,

Kick you're ass in the nuts quick,

Bad poetry for bad people... Makes me fukin sick,

Save it baby save it... This sickness isn't slick,

It's a trick, played with a slide & some wrist drip,

Pick whips,

Strumming hits...

Listen to that shit,

Liftin lids...

Where you been, garbageman, hit the skids,

Is it what I did...

Or what I'm doing, shin splints hid splitting sins,

Run record spins music within, needles & pins,

Go, crawl across my skin,

Sing whine wind,

Where have I been,

I don't even know anymore... So I guess I'll call this the end...

Fly says bye friend,

Ba bah buzz, zzzooommm ceremonies attend,

Robes lent ropes to lend...

Borrowed pretend,

Sorry, I don't want to offend,

I'm tired, now off to bed...

Hair scares yellow, that guy is dead...

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billybuc profile image

billybuc 17 months ago from Olympia, WA

You are such a quality writer. You may be the best-kept secret at HP.

goego profile image

goego 17 months ago from Loserland Author

I don't know about all that- but thank you very much Bill, I'm just trying to have fun with words, thanks again!

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