Rare Gem


Eunice, you pour affectionate strength

Over everything you encountered

Graciousness pours from your smile

Your mind ripened on the vine of maturity

Your beauty took my breath away

Your beauty could have easily put

To shame so-called goddeses of

Ancient folklore

Watched you with a microscopic lens for

Defects but no imperfection or even a

Promise of one my scrutiny revealed

So diamond and gold I tossed into the

Wastebasket in exchange of you.

Your love a balm on my soul after

The zigzag course I sailed with my love

My log book full of disappointing entries

In careless hand writing; it behooves me

To keep my heart secure behind lock and key

But just like a thief, you became proficient

At picking locks and stole my heart

Indeed a rare find among women you are.

I found a heaven in you.

Unconnected halves becoming one whole

So Eunice, let’s not to the union of

Our hearts accept impediments.

Till death do us part.

This poem is dedicated to my wife, Eunice. 1 comment

thoughts220 profile image

thoughts220 5 years ago from India

A beautiful, heart-warming poem.Flows smoothly from one line to the next and talks volumes about love being a saviour. Excellent work.

P.S. - I think, there's a slight error. 'forklore' might be 'folklore'. :)

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