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Poetry has always been an intimate expression of the soul. The ability to translate a blissful moment, a sad or happy occasion, a reflection of soul searching disturbances or even the inner paradoxes that torture the mind. These mindful expressions can be put into lasting words of poetry that lives through out centuries.

What is poetry? How can we classify the inner expression of the soul? Can it be defined as anything other than poetry? Will "Forget the Morrows" answer some of these questions?

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Romantic Poems

Forget the Morrows

My soul is weary of life
weary of it's unforgiving nature
weary of all the false hopes
That's placed in the father of the future
Weary of winter's cold, her icy winds
Nipping at the hopes that's left in my life
Weary of the loneliness when in shelter from her chills
Weary of the emptiness lodged deep in my will
Weary of the conceit of my callow friends
I have to reside with in this here realm
Tired of the hurts, the pain, the never ending struggle
why stay alive?
In a world that's totally hostile
When one chooses to appreciate life

I'm just stress awaiting on my expiry date
To escape the delusion I've been living of late
I've longed to return to the storehouse of my birth
where my soul dwelled before I girted on her hurts

I'm so bloody sorry I ventured into her world
So tire of loosing without the option of winning
It damned my soul the moment I behold
She's the only one to comfort my soul

She's known as the one compassionate soul
That grants passage to the eyelids of her world
But her nature to rebuke is so menacingly cold
When she decree that everything must grow old

Divine Poems

Poems of Light
Poems of Light

Concrete Poetry

I'm tire of living
In a world, where there's no one to trust
Where motives exist only for what's to be claimed
And nobody gives a damn when there isn't something to gain

All days, weeks, months and years
Are clothed with stress
With friends like instability and insecurity
To augment my fears
Only to awake another day
To accept my burdens of distress
Just damn tire living my life in tears
Too weak to accept, what I may not dear

Although I look to the heavens
And consider her unsearchable greatness
How complex the glory of her wisdom
As she sustains and cherishs her kingdoms
Making rains to sustain her new borns
She is virtue, compassion, peace and light
When she rides the wings of the night
The full moon shows it's delight
For she's much too beautiful
To beholden by time motals put in flight

Yet she crushes my soul
Every time I venture to her world
My soul is weary, and I'm very much ready
To exit her delusion of love and glory
Yet she never ceases from her wrath
She keeps on crushing my heart

Poetry of St.Lucia

Beauty and Poetry
Beauty and Poetry

Love Poems

Just a Simple Love Poem

Silently while the sun was softly rising
And the night shadows Slowly retreating
The earth is glorified by renewing her daily ritual
To the sounds of nature augmenting the pace of renewal

We'll walk across her face marching to beat of her grace
To that sacred moment in time when our eyes met
And spoke without saying a word but with soundless Divine
I knew at that moment, at your side my Simply Kendra
That place was already mine

Beginning Poets

A Poem About Weed by Official P4CM Poet Jackie Hill

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Comments 7 comments

manatita44 profile image

manatita44 3 years ago from london

So much pain, true. yet so much beauty ...

phildazz profile image

phildazz 3 years ago from Toronto Author

Thanks for the read! I'm happy you understand it was painful and confused time in life. It was a challenge of finding peace. I won!

manatita44 profile image

manatita44 3 years ago from london

Well done, Phil!

Pray, love, serve. Then comes inner satisfaction. It is winning, I suppose, then God will utilise you in a conscious way to serve humanity. I doubt that you will see Love as a win.

Fullerman5000 profile image

Fullerman5000 3 years ago from Louisiana, USA

Such beauty in such painful words. Hope things are better now. Great work

phildazz profile image

phildazz 3 years ago from Toronto Author

Thank you, I must be doing something right if you've felt it. thanks again!

janshares profile image

janshares 3 years ago from Washington, DC

You definitely have the gift of expression. Beautiful pieces you have here, possibly more than one hub if you decide to separate them and add more capsules and text. You do an excellent job of making the reader feel your words, very heartfelt and powerful. Your intro shows me that we are on the same page about poetry. Welcome to HubPages, thanks for inviting me over. Voted up and beautiful.

phildazz profile image

phildazz 3 years ago from Toronto Author

Thanks Janshares, you are much to kind; much appreciated and thanks for the visit.

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