Poetry Galore (part 2)

Always Wrong

I wish I could find joy

By starting all of life anew

Unlike the times before though

I am constantly feeling blue.

Everywhere I turn or go

There’s an obstacle in my path

Leading down a one-way street

Of heartache, pain, and wrath.

I cannot be myself anymore

Because I’m always wrong somehow

Even when it’s just a mistake

A frown is on someone’s brow.

Right or wrong, it doesn’t matter

For wrong it will always be

From how far east is to the west

Or to the deepest part of the sea.

Will I ever be right again to anyone

That I sincerely doubt

Since making me seem to always be wrong

It what it’s all about.

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kayla 6 years ago

i know how you feel i do a good bit also love you mommy

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