Poetry: Need For World Peace

Global Peace

Peace is not a color or racial issue

It transcends pigmentation

Let’s build a bridge of understanding

Between the people of the world

Bringing them closer together

Let’s all work together for world peace

Let’s rededicate ourselves

To the concept of peace

Let’s promote global brotherhood.

Wind of discord is blowing

All over the universe

Terrorism is on the increase

Political instability very rampant

Military rivalry the order of the day

Human rights abuses

The stock in trade of political leaders

Let’s join voices in protest against

This man inhumanity to man

Let’s promote global brotherhood.

We’ve to love each other

To keep the wheels of

World peace turning

People of the world

It is time

To promote friendly co-existence

Let’s make the world

A better place for our children

Let’s promote global brotherhood.

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Jay C OBrien profile image

Jay C OBrien 7 months ago from Houston, TX USA

Hmmmm, you might be Baha'i.

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