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Purposely Me

Never achieving

wealth, fame

anything akin to star status

I still want to run up the stairs

of my life

Sit on top of my world

Yell out!!!!!!!!

Ok, I've been hated for 

things out of my control

loved for reasons I'll never know

Riduculed and spited

tossed aside for other frivolous dreams

But at the core of it all

still grew a heart and loving soul

with an infinity of passion

that fills up the mirror of my life

with the sweetest damn reflections

anyone could ever imagine.

Thank God for giving me the

time to do it all.

Copyright � March 2004 D Z.

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cindyleedavis profile image

cindyleedavis 7 years ago from cindyloudavis@hotmail.com


Jennitasia profile image

Jennitasia 6 years ago from Arkansas

Nice words..

CheriLuvsU profile image

CheriLuvsU 6 years ago


 6 years ago

Very nice. You describe your life as humble, yet so blessed.

WRKennedy profile image

WRKennedy 6 years ago from Canada

You asked for criticism. This poem is a poignant outflowing of personal emotion. At that level, it works very well. What I would encourage you to do is write poetry that has more than one level. Introduce a second theme or person and let the two intermingle. For example, make the poem about something else, maybe an object you happen to pick up. That object triggers feels of loss and remorse, but on reflection, you realize the strength within.

Just a thought.

seasoning 6 years ago

lovely words i klike your work a lot

sujju profile image

sujju 6 years ago from mangalore, india

Good one

epigramman profile image

epigramman 5 years ago

....life would not have any emotions if it were not for people like you who write like this!

Denizee profile image

Denizee 5 years ago Author

Makes me happy, that all of you enjoyed this poem. Thank you.

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