Poetry: My Talent

Writing Skill

Don’t ask me how

It all began for

I don’t know

I woke up and

Saw myself writing

Things I never

Dreamt I could

Things I never

Trained to write

Strange ideas floated

In my scientific head

Seeking expression.

Wonder how God

Done things

He wants done.

God has given me

A gift I can never


Wonderful gift.

As the talent the

Holy Spirit breathed

Into me bloomed

Words and phrases fell

Like jewel onto pages of

Paper and

I gathered my linguistic

Coat around myself for the

Strange flow of thoughts.

Playing with words have

Helped me understand

Who I am and I luxuriate

In God’s generosity.

To this talent of poetry

I shall use to preach

Liberty to enslaved souls.

To good use I must put

The talent which

He committed to

My keeping and of

Which He will surely

One day demand

A strict account.

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raciniwa profile image

raciniwa 4 years ago from Naga City, Cebu

great talent you have Tony...keep on...go strong...

tonymodus profile image

tonymodus 4 years ago Author

Thanks Raciniwa for your encouragement all the time. I wish you well because I equally admire your poetic talent greatly. May the ink of your pen never dry.

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