The Fury of Storm


And the storm came

Visiting like an elephant

On a grass field

With hint of latent power.

A small lifting of nature’s

Veil for humans to glimpse

The great forces of nature.

Roof tops danced around

The streets and trees

Groaned and protested

To the wind for

Toying with their fate.

Most of the trees bow

And rise to the force of

The howling wind causing

Enormous damages in its wake

Destroyed houses painted

Their faces with deep frown.

Half naked mothers

Terror in their eyes

Ran around searching

For their children.

Children in dismay

Seek the refuse of

Their parents against

Collapsing things all

Around them.

There was an unearthly

Kind of wildness in men's eyes

That betrayed troubled spirits.

The elder whispered:

"The gods are angry."

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kirutaye profile image

kirutaye 5 years ago from London, UK

Natural disasters are powerful and terrifying. You've captured it very well here. Well written.

Sheli 5 years ago

I really enjoyed your poem. I would love to share it with my 8th grade class if that is okay with you.

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