Survivors For Real

Survivors are unconquerable

Survivors seek the root of their

Problems; get a shovel right away

And dig until all roots are exposed

Then spray them with herbicide.

They rarely cry

Their reaction is to cool down and

Disperse like a vapor

They win their battles

They may look battle-worn, but

Victory usually clothed them

As clearly as the fabric

They stand like a tower when

Everything rock around them and

Their softer fellow human mortals

Are winnowed like chaff in strong wind

Because in the face of difficulties

Those built strong hold on

Those built soft crack

Those built malleable stretch

Remember survivors never give up

Fail, yes; give up, no.

The world loves survivors, while

Failures are despised.

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Lady_Tenaz 5 years ago

I loved this! As a wise man told me many years ago, "Always be a survivor, never be a quitter." Those words have kept me going in times of adversity even when I felt I had no strength left in me to go on.

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