Poetry That Speaks Of Pain 2


Pity only the honest deception taking hold.

Scraps of dignity blow about defenseless.

Beating all back down if they dare reach up, so bold.

Deep wounds taking bites that leave all senseless.

Create inner peace saturated with a thick negative force.

Breathless eyes staring as the world passes by.

Wondering how the walls collapsed,

screams, throats horse.

Games leave seeping creases in souls just waiting to die.

Written by Becky Jo Gibson May 2006 ©

He Takes

The consistent ever present negative comment must pass his lips.

He knows what hurts and goes there as usual with a vicious tone.

He has the need to keep things down so his rise only is felt.

Opening wounds as he walks into walls leaving nothing to call your own.

His claim to everything leaves most standing alone wondering what the f%#k.

I open my eyes to what I am coming to know as real and true.

I know this is his play and my input is neither welcome nor tolerated.

He takes away freedoms with ease as he tells everyone what to do.

The days pass slowly and the nights are full of tension.

He leaves when he pleases coming back when he feels my need.

His eyes, full of passion, a deep burn begins as he reaches out and takes me.

He knows I will open to him as he rules my body doing his deed.

Written by Becky Jo Gibson April 2006 ©

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InspiredHippy profile image

InspiredHippy 5 years ago from Old Town, California Author

I pray the f word in code is okay here? I felt the poem lost something when I tried to re-word it!

tlpoague profile image

tlpoague 5 years ago from USA

I am happy to see you are back!! The poem is tragic, but beautiful. I am sorry I didn't stop by here sooner. It can be heartbreaking to allow someone you love to rule over you, but once you break the mold,you may find that it made you a stronger person that can help others through your experiences. Hang in there! You have been missed! Thanks for sharing this beautiful poem.

saddlerider1 profile image

saddlerider1 5 years ago

You are letting your voice speak out, now it's time to run, leave, find your life away from a man like this. No person woman/man or child should ever be abused, confused and ruled over. I have seen and felt abuse and I know of what I speak. It's you life and no one has the right to it, just you.

Be strong, if need seek help, but leave, leave now. You shared a hurtful hub and I am sorry to read what you are being exposed to, it's never to late, pack and leave this man....hugs

Nat Amaral profile image

Nat Amaral 5 years ago from BC Canada

Beautiful. Thanks for the link. Listen to saddlerider1. He clearly knows what he's talking about. This person isn't even a man...any male who treats a woman this way isn't. I have seen such a one treat my sister this way. You deserve a better life.

InspiredHippy profile image

InspiredHippy 5 years ago from Old Town, California Author

Thank you all for your concern...let me assure you I have walked away from him. Years ago. These are poems I wrote during a very hard time in my life. Today I am happy, joyus and free. He has been gone for years. Thank the Lord!

Nat Amaral profile image

Nat Amaral 5 years ago from BC Canada

Such good news! Best I've heard in weeks! Many blessings!

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