Poetry-Winter Theme - Original Free Verse

Invitation To Winter


you have tipped your dark hat

toward trees leaving

black lace within my view.

Triple shivers as I wake

in first rush of morning

warm coziness of my gown

deadens my sensitivity

to your sensation

feels snug against

your icy presence

circling this season around me.


you are biting yet enchanting

stream of shorter days

where daydreams have a place

making notions of my

dreamer’s soul feel gracious

that your season is now not just dreary;

more a spell cast for those who

desire to play in the wintry zone.


you calm me in the evening

allowing a hasten

to a place with dreams again

in the ways that I know I am

protected against anything as

cold as you or

dark as your black lace.

Sheltered through out the eve in peaceful sleep

‘till morning brews an inviting taste of your warm hospitality.


lisavanvorst profile image

lisavanvorst 2 years ago from New Jersey

Another great poem you depict winter as a beautiful season. However, I am in New Jersey and am already tired of the snow and cold. Now the ground hogs says six more weeks. Can't wait for spring.

Denizee profile image

Denizee 2 years ago Author

I'm smiling because I live in NJ too - what a coincidence and I understand exactly what you're talking about - we've had a rough Winter so far - after being spoiled with mild Winters for years - I agree - I do love snow but the frigid temps can go - Thanks for reading this poem - glad you liked it -

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