Poetry for lovers

Forever loved


loved, time together,

the same person, the same thoughts,

minds working together,


A creation of love like a mist,

rolling in across bodies shining with perspiration,

together like one,

heightened feelings, forever,


Love created

After an age of time, growing old, feeling lost,

like a love, like you disappearing into the distance,

of my mind, and my body,

remembering days spent with the sun on our upturned faces,

warmed by the heat of the day, sensual,

times spent touching your hair and face, still feeling the softness,

still fresh in my mind,

holding you, close to me, hands gently caressing each other,

memories now locked away for time, after my loss,

of you,


My poetry is not perfect, and I don't think it needs be. Poetry comes from within you, so whatever comes out onto paper, your computer or onto a HUB will be great.

Give it a try!!

Golden desert

Footsteps gently laid in the sand,

toes sinking deeply into the grains, so soft,


a timeless moment, feeling the sea breeze caress her skin,

sounds from the shore, water, teasing the sand away from their partners,

white caps rushing forth trying to reach the white skin of her feet,

again sinking and she moves, quietly,

salt spray delicate, embracing, kissing,

her eyes turn towards the open sea,

lingering on the craft drawing closer, across the waves, moving,

gracefully into shore.

With heart beating swiftly she quickens her pace across the golden desert,

eyes with heavy lids, anticipating the moment their lips will meet,

to become again, one being.

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acaetnna profile image

acaetnna 6 years ago from Guildford

I just adore love poems and these were such a delight to read. So glad I found you.

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