Poison Smile

Poison Smile

If I were to stay,
What would you say?
You fractured the branch,
But I cut the tree.
I grabbed the axe,
And I set us free.

You kept me encased,
I guess just in case.
The distance was chilling,
And you made it clear.
I’m always the villain,
And you’re in the clear.

But you weren’t there,
When I needed your care.
I gave up my time,
It was always your pick.
You’re doing fine,
While I’m getting sick.

I’m flawed, but I’m good,
Didn’t know where you stood.
There were good days,
You didn’t care ‘bout that,
Now all I can say:
You’re a spoiled brat.

We’re so ignorant,
But so different.
Went under the knife,
You knew it was hard.
Within an inch of my life,
And I was ignored.

If you asked me to stay,
Do you know what I’d say?
So selfishly,
You do not deserve,
The smile I see,
But it’s... not up to me.

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