Poverty of emotions......


Just a ramble

He comes in riding a giant of a horse dressed like a fool
just to tip his heart at the waiting lovers

Yet get him alone sometime and ask though
would you if you had your druthers?

I think not .......you see it's all done for
the benifit of show

Though I don't blame him if I had his horse
I'd ride away rather than know

Experienced lovers go about thier ways waiting for
the next fool with a coin

Me though I'll just ride away with this ache
within my loins

Don't know if I'll return though for some hearts
break only once

That way you see......you can exit the stage not
looking like a dunce

Could my heart go on without me or
me without an answer this time

Who can say .........for the fool's hearts never been
one with his mind

Ahh the mysteries of the universe

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