Praise Be To God!


May I have your Attention...

There are some things that I just need to mention

Like the fact

Of Christ’s Holy ascension.

No ascension,

Means in hell I’ll find my ever detention

For every transgression

Too many to mention

My Spirit was dead, in complete cessation

Only Christ’s blood is a worthy retraction

Saved due to Jesus’ perfection,

His Death, And His resurrection!

Now, let’s draw our attention

To the power of having God’s direction,

The honour

To have been made in His reflexion.

Let’s show our appreciation

Our joyful elation!

Bring Him our regretful contrition

From whence we were in Spiritual deprivation

With our lustful prioritisation!

And our Law violation!

In retrograde

Against the blue-print of Creation!

I was in desolation

Yeah, been tempted by that demon,

Could say I was a heathen,

Heart stopped, I wasn’t breathin’

But I’m not alone ‘cause sin

Is somethin’

Indwellin’ in all women

And men.

But for me now

Every sin

He is


Now, every thief and every liar,

Can run to the Messiah

The Master,

Our sire.

He more than wants ya

He chose ya

Sought ya

With His blood He’s bought ya

Let Him be your Mentor,

And before The Father

He’ll be your ad-vocator.

Now, let’s spread the good news,

Of the gospel - Of our saviour!

Praise Be to God! Amen!

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