Rough chunk

of concrete

cast from a bridge,
demolishing a windshield,

Just some leftover debris
once part of a hospital
torn down long ago
now wielded to wound.

What warped insanity

allows teenagers

to not understand

the gravity of

the situation.

A solid mass


breaking glass

and then crushing

the face of a

very startled driver

whose errant path

that follows

might well take others

to their grave.

What punishment is

befitting of such a crime

to deter delinquents

from having a laugh

over others demise

or being crippled forever.

Perhaps we should

consider stoning

either to the point

of wounding

or to the ultimate

finale of life.

Am I barbaric

I think not

I remember

a family man

a good friend of mine

who was taking

out the trash.

He had left his wife

and two daughters

of tender years

and in the dark

moonless night

as he hauled the

waste management

dumpster to the curb,

he was struck by a car

full of teens joyfully

smashing mailboxes

with no headlights on.

He died a very

painful death

on a large patch

of concrete

just fifty feet

from his home,

while they fled the scene

and left him to perish

from blunt force trauma

to his torso and head.

They were all

caught and charged

under juvenlie statutes

and got a hand

slap from the judge.

Their victim lies buried

not to far from my home.

A teacher who was

loved by all

and then sadly

taught a lesson

from the ugliness

of punks on a rampage.




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Micky Dee profile image

Micky Dee 6 years ago

I've seen this madness in spots around NC. Crazy! There needs to be classes on how to pull a practical joke. If the "victim" can't laugh- it's not a joke.

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