Press Pause: A Poem


Dreams and wishes can wait,

If there's not something to make you smile,

It's all been for naught,

Press pause and wait awhile,

Sit still and daydream,

Coffee and tea will create the mood,

Read a magical book and escape,

An adventurous reality can wait,

Press pause, dear, and breathe again.

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Harishprasad profile image

Harishprasad 2 years ago from India

Pause, red signal, rest, sleep and relaxing all are so crucial. Very well pointed out. Voted up.

Ebower profile image

Ebower 2 years ago from Georgia Author

Harishprasad: Yes, we all need to take time to rest. Thanks for voting!

BlossomSB profile image

BlossomSB 2 years ago from Victoria, Australia

That pause button is so important. We need to get off the world sometimes and take a breather away from it all.

Ebower profile image

Ebower 2 years ago from Georgia Author

BlossomSB: Yes, it is essential. We need to take a step back from work and renew our spirit.

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