Pretend No More

Stop pretending that everything is fine

Beautiful and sublime

Stop pretending that you are more spiritual

When crying in the corner is your morning ritual

Stop pretending to be so kind

When anger fills your mind

Stop pretending to be better than others

When filthy rags; your face smothers

You see this is what turns away

The people who are searching say

Just be yourself lost sheep

The façade you cannot keep

Turn your eyes towards the glorious heaven

Until your neck hurts and heart gives in

Pretense versus reality, opposites

Polar composites

Share your secrets

Confess regrets

Don’t pretend that you struggle none

Face your biggest dilemma and don’t run

( I actually wrote this poem to myself)

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Vladimir Uhri profile image

Vladimir Uhri 5 years ago from HubPages, FB

I like it.

abound 5 years ago

Short, sweet, and real. You continue to inspire me each time I read something you write. Your the bomb sis and are truly a precious woman. Love ya.

Sky321 profile image

Sky321 5 years ago from Canada Author

Thanks for reading Vladimir and abound. God bless

profile image

Fay Paxton 5 years ago

You may have written it to yourself, but it sounds universal.

up and very useful

Sun-Girl profile image

Sun-Girl 5 years ago from Nigeria

Nice hub, i love this.

Sky321 profile image

Sky321 5 years ago from Canada Author

Thank you Sun-Girl, I like your name.

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