Pretty Evil Smile

We All Want To Search For True Love



I'm standing face to face with your beauty

Riddles are all I know what to say

Stumbling in your hypnotic control on me

I feel as if I should just walk away

You speak, the chance is given unto thee

This just might be the day

Focused on another side I fear to see

Rejection is a cold disarray

As dead leaves fall from a branch of a tree

I have felt the this shade of gray

Your smile is as evil as your personality

Have I fallen for a some cheap lay?

Confusion, the emotion taking a hold of me

Forgetting why I have gone this way

The path that should have some kind of warning

Traveling further down the spiral a debt I pay

Blurry vision the sight of what I now see

“No fault of my own” is not easy to say

I try and struggle of what I want to be

But again you've convinced me to stay

Where is my angel?

Where is the one that is for me?

When will I see the face of the one I call my true love?

The search will continue on........

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