Previous times poetry

You, to be or gone

here a light ,down it falls

like glove of day,here in this night
this glove is mine, i know.
even you don't want to show it to me, to
let me see,but i did,when you were asleep.
this glove,flying is a little bee
she's flying near my ears,
all around my head, she might think i am dead
she might leave but she is not.
why? are you here?
and i have forgotten,your look,your eyes,
your smile..these are the things
that have been sun in my morning
the day after...the day after that..
but now these are gone, blowen by the wind
and this light give them all but the momment
is gone..before i see.before that bee
shows me the these all over again
to be there and wait and see.

Long Travel

a fire, this light
i need to run,i need to go
a need a flight above it,above all
i need a thunder to be for all cover
all the things...all the lights,dark objects
flying above me i can them see
but i want to get them,far away
i needn't to stay i'll take with me where
i go : a star,a sun,a moon,a wind blow that's the things i'll leave
for my child,that's the things
you need too, you will have
if the light comes close to you
to see all the dark things a special light
like a morning autumn light,like a summer evening light
and your soul is flying togheter with the wind
to find you final wish
cause somebody..sees you and wants you
there..where he didn't go yet to see you dead

Is You, Like They

have , do have, don't
care, don't
but everything is near
i touch a thing , i feel
but it dissapears
i fly, i am, i'm not
i pass by it, i see far
before and after it
a metallic light is all around
a noise, a sound
has touched my hearth, has showed me the way
a thought he brought into my mind
he let me know how to fly,where,when
how to make a day
closer to me
a night wich, i will see
to call you from out of me
to make you here, to have and see and be


let's kep this calm
living in this realm
stay with what you feel
and will become real

let's give the smile
even for a while,
from time to time
like for the verses rhyme

let's think of best
even for the rest
so it would last
to cover the past

let's speak of love
this a heart will move
a soul will grow,
so , please allow

let a hug play
whatever the way
it will make powerful the link
and your spark will blink

let's be kind
the bad don't mind
just keep in mind
only good makes us kind

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Lola 23 months ago

I told my kids we'd play after I found what I neddee. Damnit.

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