Princess Charming

A Ballad

Locked in a tower closed to the sun

I waited for Prince Charming to come.

Ten years I wasted, alone all along,

My only company a bird and its song.

Before it occurred to me-I shouldn’t wait;

By now he’d have been here-it must be too late.

“I’ll escape on my own! Yes, this I can do!

I need no prince! I’ll be a hero too!”

I summoned the sentry, used my sweet charm;

‘fore long I had him alone and unarmed.

I knocked him unconscious (it wasn’t hard-

Men are dull-witted when they let down their guard!)

I donned his armor, sword and shield.

Identity, then, completely concealed

I fled down the stairs and was met by more guards.

“The prisoner’s escaped! On her way to the yard!”

Alarmed by my warning, they ran where I told.

“I’ll tell the wizard! He’ll want to know!”

Unchecked and unhindered, I ran to the gate.

Alas! There, I was met by that snake!

The wizard himself, in a terrible guise-

A winged dragon with claws, and red rage in his eyes.

Around him a storm crashed, matching his anger.

Under his control, it presented some danger.

“Princess, wait!” I heard through the wind’s blast.

A frown on my face, I turned, aghast.

The prince, it seemed, finally made an appearance.

I scowled at his timing, and direct interference.

“How could you do this? I had it under control!

I don’t believe this! You’re such a…troll!”

“Sorry Princess, but to me it seems

You’re not much of a fighter-leave the dragon to me.”

Smiling at my outburst, he drew his sword and ran.

I stared, shocked-he was a courageous man.

I watched the fiery battle with gritted teeth

And stayed, despite the storm and the heat.

Their weapons clashed again and again-

At first I thought the dragon would win.

But the storm finally calmed; the dragon was dead.

With one final blow, he hewed off its head.

The prince stumbled toward me-I could tell he was hurt.

I helped him recover-I owed him that work.

“Well,” he said, once he could speak,

“What do you think about coming with me?”

“My journey’s just started!” I said with regret.

“I just don’t think I can quit yet.”

“I understand, I won’t ruin your fun.”

And with that I strode off, into the sun

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poetvix profile image

poetvix 5 years ago from Gone from Texas but still in the south. Surrounded by God's country.

I enjoyed this tale very much. Thank you for a wonderful read.

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