Prisoner of her Soul

I'm a prisoner of my mind,

an aching body of disillusionment,

just trying to find,

a place where I can be content,

but my limbs are in a bind,

shadows of resentment,

can be so much unkind,

robbed tears I cry are lent,

smiles are hard to find,

words of sorrow are meant,

unspoken they are mimed,

my youth I crave is spent,

the truth I seek unwind,

the anger I seethe I vent,

while my teeth I slowly grind,

conflicting thoughts repent,

before my sight remind,

my pride my will hath dent,

my eyes with tears are blind,

my broken body is bent,

my spirit now resigned,

my weakness makes me feint,

but my conscious is relined,

my soul can't pay the rent,

for the life I've always dined,

this is just a sad lament,

of my thoughts that now unfind

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jeremiahjpwalton profile image

jeremiahjpwalton 5 years ago from New England

Great poem! I'd love feedback from you on mine. Check out my hubs or website:

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