Prose - How Can I Know The Truth?


How can I decide
When I know so little?
How can I know
When life is such a riddle?
How can my heart love
What I cannot see?
How can my mind accept
Something it cannot conceive?
How can I preach
When I do not understand?
How can I hear
A tongue from a foreign land?
How can I believe
A miracle of long ago?
How can I choose
Whose words to know?
How can I assume
When my mind is all I follow?
How can I be so inflated
When my words appear so hollow?
How can I be like you
When it is you I do not understand?
How can we live together
When spoken truth is built upon sand?
How can I worship
A God who remains silent?
How can I bow
In a world that remains violent?
How can I turn the other cheek
When it hurts so much?
How can I drink your blood
When it is your cup I cannot touch?
How can I be saved
When the wretched rule our domain?
How can heaven wait
For a mind that causes so much pain?
How can I know you
When the words of man fail?
How can I know
When money is their holy grail?
How can I know the truth
When we believe a lie?
How can I know
When the answer is always why?

All Rights Reserved. Copyright 2011. The Suburban Poet


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Sunnie Day 5 years ago

Wow this was great..thought provoking for sure..The infamous "why"!!! I went on a quest a couple years ago asking alot of "why's" and it wore me out and I never did find what I was looking for..well maybe I did..I learned to not ask why and just let it be..You are right the answer will forever be why..

Great prose


Yeshuan profile image

Yeshuan 5 years ago from North Carolina

If there is a person out there that does not ask these questions, they are foolish. I am sure a lot of people will be able to identify with this piece.

Nellieanna profile image

Nellieanna 5 years ago from TEXAS

Mark - good to see your fertile mind sill probing the questions. When you do, there always seem to come forth truths, or more questions, if not answers. Good work. Hugs.

PenMePretty 5 years ago

Good work. life is hard to understand, least for me.

It's why? why? why? :-) Maybe there are no answers to

our whys. I love to know answers to things/situations.

Some people say why does it matter why? Somehow it helps

me put things to rest if I can know why. Sometime I wish

God would yell from heaven. So much about life and love and, and, and that we do not know. Maybe someday. Thank you for sharing your deep feelings. I can relate. Blessings.

Rosemay50 profile image

Rosemay50 5 years ago from Hawkes Bay - NewZealand

Unanswerable questions always lead to more questions. Only one knows all the answers.

Voted up

Truckstop Sally profile image

Truckstop Sally 5 years ago

This is an profound hub! You bring new meaning to Alfred Lord Tennyson's Ours-is-not-to-reason-why philosophy. Beautiful, thoughtful, inspiring . . . one of your best yet!

Eiddwen profile image

Eiddwen 5 years ago from Wales

Oh yes there are so many why's but sometimes maybe it's better not to ask,

However this very often goes against the grains of human nature. !!

A very thought provoking poem which I vote up without a doubt.

Take care


The Suburban Poet profile image

The Suburban Poet 5 years ago from Austin, Texas Author

@Sunnie Day - You're probably "whyser" (ok that was cheesy) than I... I haven't accepted it yet I guess. I need to get a hold of myself and stop being so concerned with answers or I won't be able to enjoy the day. Thank you.

@Yeshuan - Well I hope you are right. I spend time thinking about these things then I wake up and I'm back in traffic. It's a circle that I'm trying to break free from... we'll see what happens. In the end I write and that helps.

@Nellieanna - Hi! I hope you are well. We've drifted apart on the ocean a bit but I'm very happy to see you here. Yeah I'm still asking questions. I've read some of your beautiful little poems and think that you are at peace. I hope so... as for me I continue to toss and turn.

@PenMePretty - Thank you for commenting again. I have an analytical mind and I guess I want to know why there is suffering and why we seem to repeat the mistakes of the past. If I can't live in a contended manner then I will live asking questions. I can't just sit there and be numb. It's enlightenment or bust. RIght now I'm busting with questions.

@Rosemay50 - Yeah... you're probably right... but still I ask... seek and ye shall find. Maybe you have the answer already.

@Truckstop Sally - Thank you for commenting. If I bring anyone wiser than I to mind then I've accomplished something. That helps.

@Eiddwen - I think I have been trained to have critical thinking skills and it's hard to turn it off. I see so much brainwashing in the world today and find those who are materialistic to be the worst. They make fun of those who do not accept Machivellian principles and seem to support violence. Anyway I don't understand why these types control our lives.

Rosemay50 profile image

Rosemay50 5 years ago from Hawkes Bay - NewZealand

'@Rosemay50 - Yeah... you're probably right... but still I ask... seek and ye shall find. Maybe you have the answer already.'

I don't profess to have any answers at all, My apologies if you were offended. I will quit following you.

The Suburban Poet profile image

The Suburban Poet 5 years ago from Austin, Texas Author

Hey!!! I'm not offended... I was just trying to say maybe you have the answers... the answers are not always obvious... maybe it's a matter of accepting life as it is... please don't misunderstand me...

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