Prose Poetry- These Moments Will Not Last

What I once thought would be the best part of life...


My mother spoke the truth when she told the truth to me.

Life is but a journey-

Is what we have always been told.

We start out a children,

Before we know it we have grown old.

Don't hurry through childhood,

My mother had told me.

I rolled my eyes as I stormed away.

Now I wish I saw then what I now see.

We had so much time on our hands

To experience life and all that it is.

But we were all too busy dreaming,

Of a perfect fantasy that we believed we would live.

Now that I am grown,

I realize what my mother meant.

When she said I would miss those years,

and I would soon regret.


Appreciate what you have more than dream about what you want.

I never took the time,

To appreciate what I had.

The lack of stress, and responsibility

With nothing to lose and opportunities to grab.

As the years have passed by

I gained what I thought I wanted to have

Work, bills, children and realizing

That time passes way too fast

It feels like it was yesterday

That I was just thirteen

But as I walk past a mirror,

I am reminded I am now 33.


Wish I knew what I wanted to give up


Pay the bills every month

Lucky if something is left

Search for sales and bargains

Don't be late for work or picking up the kids

No time to think about dinner

No time to think about me

Trying to figure out long division

and how to get everyone in bed by 8:30

Kids screaming in the background

I wonder what happened to my life

Youth is definitely wasted on the young

Who have no clue what it takes to simply survive

Reality loses the fantasy

As we get everything we wanted to have

The stress of reality and responsibility

Deserves more than a laugh

Realizing life isn't easy

Isn't the easiest thing to grasp

But I take every moment for what it is

Because I now know that these moments will not last.

The moments never last- not the good- not the bad


© 2014 Holly

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Minnetonka Twin profile image

Minnetonka Twin 2 years ago from Minnesota

Your mother was so right Holly. I too remember getting mad at my mom when she'd tell me I shouldn't be so worried about growing up-it's definitely not what we imagined as kids and there are so many responsibilities. You are only thirty-three and I'd like echo your mother-you are still very young and enjoy your youth even as a busy home-maker. You'll look back at your young age and think "gole, I was so young and healthy." Justysaying this cause I'm older than you. LOL Just turned the big '51'. Age is what we make it and every day is a gift. I really love your writing style and this prose really made me go back and think about when I was a kid.

H.C Porter profile image

H.C Porter 2 years ago from Lone Star State Author

Thank you for the comment Minnetonka Twin- I am constantly reminding myself to slow down and enjoy this life. I feel like I spend more time working or cleaning when I am not working than I do playing and enjoying the reasons I work so hard (my children).

Minnetonka Twin profile image

Minnetonka Twin 2 years ago from Minnesota

I know-raising kids are tough years and you really have to set aside time for yourself because there's always something that Could be done around the house and if you don't, it wont happen. Here's to you getting some fun time :-)

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