Psychotic Intercourse: A Review of Kate Chopin's "The Story of an Hour"


       The psychological stability of an individual is vital to maintaining all types of relationships: personal, environmental, and societal. Having inconsistent psychological health can adversely affect one’s ability to maintain a healthy relationship with any of the previous mentioned elements of intimate communication. Such is the case in American author Kate Chopin’s “The Story of an Hour,” where an obviously psychologically damaged wife of a railroad worker in the late 1800’s is afflicted by her own hindrances but also the role of women of the era. Her mental morale causes her to have the bizarre idea of happiness behind her husband’s death for instance.  The state of one’s psychological health is a direct constituent of the condition, that being the quality and longevity, of relationships.

            In the short span of Psychology’s existence, Psychiatrist have been able to establish a consensus among society concerned with the logical and factual reasons for particular phenomenon that generally remained untreated or diagnosed as something beyond the physical. For instance, people that were once deemed possessed by other worldly spirits, that inhabit their bodies and control them. A patient in a psychotic asylum violently changing moods and being destructive to themselves and their environment would be considered plagued by such a spirit.  According to the studies of psychiatry; however, it would be determined, hypothetically that this patient is suffering from something such as Schizophrenia.

Many psychological disorders contribute to complications concerning relationships. Schizophrenia as mentioned previously is one of those wide-spread disorders. “Schizophrenia is a devastating illness with an early adulthood onset and persistent course. The illness affects all aspects of cognition, emotion, perception, and behavior in ways that impact the individual with the illness, his or her family, and society,” according to M.D. Patrick Aquino.  Based on Dr. Aquino’s evaluation its apparent that psychological disorders can have significantly dire effects on the health of relationships of all sorts, particularly relations of close connection such as married couples.

The plethoric state of social and physical relations of modern life, because of technological advancements integrating mass communication and travel, emphasis on the health of individual’s mentality has increased. Because people come into close contact with each other in schools, airports, subways, bus stations, and restaurants detrimental psychological variations can cause a multitude of issues ranging from harassment to mass murder. Such an assertion can seem highly hyperbolized; however, it is common knowledge that the vast majority of deadly crimes the defendants have a history of psychological disorders.

Particular persons seemingly inherent traits, that is, religious doctrine, social habits, collective thought and everything down to ones diet is generally a product of their culture. If not, then the individual derives at least a minor influence from the normality of the vast population.






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