Purpose - When It Is Lost

The birds shall fly the flame shall flicker
The drunk shall chase after his liquor
Just like the dog shall chase the car
Light will be shined by the star

What happens when the rain doesn't fall
Or night doesn't spread its dark shawl
When the dog fails to bark
The pen does not leave its mark

What is salt when it's lost its salty taste
No longer useful it's just waste
Now just a transparent crystal lump
Throw that in the rubbish dump


So what is a man to do when he is lost
What becomes of him when he loses purpose

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The Purpose of Everything

Everything that exists has a purpose. Life itself is meant to give rise to sentient organisms while death is to destroy those very same things. Human beings build a wide variety of items but when you think about it, when any of these items can no longer carry out it's intended purpose, it is perceived useless and thrown away. While it is true one man's trash is another man's treasure, this is only because the other man finds another purpose for the item. But what is an item for which a purpose cannot be found. Even if the loss of purpose is only temporary, what is the item? What is a man who has lost what he thought was his life's purpose? Worse yet, what is a man who cannot even find a new purpose. Human beings have numerous landfills that may stretch for several kilometres in width for a reason.

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