Quartz's Shorts... The Sixth Myths, Revelation

Extraction, self evaluation,


Of energy, its heavy, metal mining, finding mines destination,


Native related, feeling outdated, just in case we should, save reservations,

Inclinations, incantations to unite nations,

Today terrorism takes a vacation,

Left track A, smoke away, joint the station,



Just bee patient,

Doctor, doctor, secret agent,

Face it,

Quick as shit,

Ashes drift,

Onto beds of needles, resting leaves sticks,

Timber licks in between teeth's spit,


Its all falling down sick,

Beetlejuice juice oozed, playing dirty tricks,

Take a trip with me, see what I believe, candle wicks,

Burning heat discrete, flame swigs,

Fire lives,

Alive lighting your eyes, high trail begins warming blue skin,

Wild, forest tiled, smoking grass, grown within,

Another time, another place, I've already been,

Traveled somehow ka-pow, tights were a bit thin,

Mild shrinkage cutting through the wind,

Extra sock came in handy Andy- thanks again-

Dandy... That's a dandy... Running round in circles, urkled turtle, Conan barbarian,

Viking war roar tore thru the silence, maid more, lore, Mary Ann,

Ring in hand,

Here comes the clan,

Murdering man,

Soul never found,

Switched quick into a black robe surround,

Hood could wand wood if situation should compound,

Bring it down,

Rock locked, stone closed, crystal clear- listen, sounds

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rikta-r profile image

rikta-r 15 months ago from Dhaka.

How lovely poetry is! A Form reality.

goego profile image

goego 15 months ago from Loserland Author

It truly is rikta! Thank you!

goego profile image

goego 14 months ago from Loserland Author


Mind war

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