Quiz: The Eight Parts of Speech


The quiz below asks questions about the different parts of speech in the English language. Best of wishes! Please follow the instructions, below:

  • For best results, please do not cheat.
  • This Quiz is for your benefit, to show you how well you understand the different parts of speech; as such, cheating will only give you inaccurate results.
  • Have fun!

Quiz time!

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Book Man 7 years ago

I enjoyed the quiz. How much better of the world would be if they could all answer these questions especially in the rural town I work in.

Epsilon5 profile image

Epsilon5 7 years ago from Eastern Pennsylvania Author

Thanks for taking the quiz! I, too, wish that more individuals could answer these questions correctly.

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jambo87 6 years ago

Great idea! I got a 92%. Better brush up on my grammar. Although grammar is tedious, I wish they taught it more in school. I'm an english major and I would have liked to be better educated in proper grammar. I write well, yet ask me to explain the rules, haha.

Epsilon5 profile image

Epsilon5 6 years ago from Eastern Pennsylvania Author

Indeed! Grammar is important. If you can, I highly recommend taking a Linguistics course (Entry-level is fine). That's what really gave me a heavy understanding of not only the "What" of grammar, but the "Why" behind it.

Best wishes!

Clara Del Valle 6 years ago

I got 100 in the quiz it was super helpful for school quizzes

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