Quotes about flowers

- From the smile of woman flowers were born.

- When words escape, flowers speak.

- The feeling is a delicate flower; handle it is to hurt it.

- Love is a delicate flower, but you must have the courage to go and pick it to the brink of a terrifying precipice.

- It is at The Edge of the petal that love waits.

- The flowers are beautiful anywhere in the world. Many people have shape but have no content.

- If there was fruit, thanks to the beauty of flowers; If there were no flowers, earned the shadow of leaves; If there were no leaves, won the intention of the seed.

- New construction in new flowers blooming.

- What makes one more beautiful than others is just the way we see and the ability we have, or not, to identify the flowers among the weeds.

Quotes about flowers
Quotes about flowers


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